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Landlord & Tenant Law

by on July 29, 2016

At the firm, we assist landlords and tenants from the beginning to end, whether it be negotiation of the lease, to an audit, payment dispute, leasing dispute, or eviction (unlawful detainer). We have defended property owners in tenant litigation, evicted tenants after foreclosure sales or for failing to abide the terms of their lease, defended against wrongful eviction suits (often as part of a foreclosure defense lawsuit), as well as defended against habitability suits brought by tenants.

Our capable attorneys are experienced litigators, with jury trial, court trial, arbitration, appellate and mediation experience.

Oftentimes parties believe that leasing forms are standardized with cookie-cutter provisions. Our experience with the more commonly published forms, both residential and commercial, has taught us where the pitfalls for the unwary lie, from inclusion (or exclusion) of attorney fee provisions, audit provisions, common area charges, to the basics such as how “premises” is described. Let us assist you today.