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In the Legal Guide to FSBO Transactions in California, you will learn all about the process of listing and selling a property off-market.

Within the guide are checklists, timelines, FAQs, diagrams, and other informative resources related to For Sale By Owner transactions.

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What's Included in the FSBO Guide

Legal Glossary

Understand the many legal terms and jargon that is used in For Sale By Owner transactions. The guide features a glossary with definitions and explanations of the terms you need to know.

FSBO Timeline

For Sale By Owner transactions follow a similar timeline to traditional real estate transactions, but with some key differences. The guide includes a detailed timeline, so you know what to expect during the FSBO process.

Frequently Asked Questions

The guide includes a detailed FAQ section, answering the common questions that buyers and sellers have when completing a FSBO transaction.

FSBO Checklist

Thinking about selling your property off-market? Interested in buying a property that is listed as "For Sale By Owner"? The guide includes checklists for things you should do and consider before engaging in a FSBO transaction.