Build-Out Provisions in Commercial Leases

When commercial landlords are in negotiations with prospective tenants, one of the most important items that needs to be discussed is the issue of modifying the space for the tenant’s use. In these discussions, the parties will discuss build-out provisions, which are contract terms for making changes to the building or property. There are numerous components and considerations when negotiating a commercial lease. For example, the tenant considerations in a commercial lease revolve around getting a space that fits their needs, while the landlord’s interest concerns collecting rent as soon as possible.

A commercial lease that contains a build-out provision will have many different items for consideration, such as:

  • Scope of work to be performed
  • Escape options
  • Details regarding rent commencement
  • Cost-sharing responsibilities of the parties
  • Compliance with ADA Requirements for Commercial Properties
  • …and many other factors

Brewer Offord & Pedersen LLP presented a webinar on understanding build-out provisions in commercial leases. Attorney Simon Offord of Brewer Offord & Pedersen LLP provided essential information that both landlord and tenants need to know about build-out provisions in commercial leases.

You can watch the replay of the webinar below, as well as view or download the slides.


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