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California boasts a diverse and rich landscape of trees and forests, with over 33 million acres of forested land and more National Forests than any other state. The California Redwood is by far the most iconic tree in the state, which can be found along two-thirds of the California coastline and was made the official State Tree of California in 1937. However, many tree species are native to California, such as the Monterey Cyprus and the Coastal Live Oak.

California enjoys a diverse population of trees and people, and places a high importance on conservation and natural preservation. As a result, trees are abundantly planted in urban settings — in parks, neighborhoods, backyards, and street medians. Often, trees are planted outside of their natural habitat, which causes not only biological and physiological issues for the tree, but also legal issues surrounding ownership, maintenance, and obstruction.

To advance a greater understanding of tree care & urban responsibility, Brewer Offord & Pedersen LLP teamed up with A Plus Tree, Inc., to present a joint webinar about trees in California.

Featured Presenters

Webinar - Jeremy Tibbets

Jeremy Tibbets

Master Arborist; Founder & CEO, A Plus Tree, Inc.

Jeremy Tibbets is a Board Certified Master Arborist, and the founder of A Plus Tree, Inc., a TCIA-Accredited professional tree care company serving the entire West Coast with the mission of inspiring Urban Forest Management.

Webinar - Simon Offord

Simon Offord

Real Estate Attorney, Brewer Offord & Pedersen LLP

Simon Offord is a senior real estate attorney with Brewer Offord & Pedersen LLP, whose practice focuses on real estate matters including boundary and tree disputes.

The expert panel, of real estate attorney Simon Offord and master arborist Jeremy Tibbets, discussed important biological and legal topics governing trees in urban settings, including:

  • The Tree Culture in California
  • Importance of Urban Forest Management
  • Biological and Legal Tree Problems
  • Real Estate Law and Tree Disputes
  • The Technological Future of Tree Maintenance
  • …and many other important issues


You can watch the replay of the webinar below, as well as view or download the slides.


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