Pests, Mold, & Lease Termination Webinar

California landlords have a duty to maintain a habitable space for tenants to occupy. The definition of what is habitable and what is not is somewhat ambiguous; however, certain conditions such as mold and flooded units are specifically considered uninhabitable. With water damage, mold issues, pest infestations, and bed bugs, there are severe health issues at stake and substantial repair costs involved. Landlords have accelerated responsibilities for correcting flood damage and mold issues, and tenants have several remediation options available to them, such as withholding rent and the repair & deduct remedy.

Floods, pests, and mold issues can cause a lease to terminate. Additionally, because of the shortage in available housing and the popularity of co-tenancy, landlords and tenants often face scenarios where they must terminate a lease before the term has completed. These lease terminations, whether voluntary or involuntary, must follow certain procedures in order to avoid litigation, penalties, and damages. Landlords must follow the proper eviction process when removing tenants for failing to pay, and must also provide certain notices specified by statute.

Part 1 of the California Landlord Basics webinar series covered essential information about leases, deposits, rents, and habitability. In Part 2 of the webinar series, attorneys Henry Chuang and Ashlee D. Adkins, of Brewer Offord & Pedersen LLP, join forces once again to present about essential topics that landlords in California need to know. This webinar specifically focuses on issues surrounding terminating leases, mold remediation, flood & water damage, bed bugs, and rodent infestations.



  • Expiration & Renewal
  • Voluntary Breaks & Involuntary Breaches
  • Possession
  • Holdover Tenancy
  • Abandonment
  • 3-Day Notices


  • Mold (Toxic vs. Non-Toxic)
  • Landlord & Tenant Responsibilities
  • Designations
  • Water Damage & Floods
  • Bed Bugs, Termites, & Rodents

You can watch the replay of the webinar below, as well as view or download the slides.

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