Oktoberfest 2017!

Each year, over 6 million people converge upon Munich, Germany over the course of 16 days from late September thru October for the world’s largest beer festival. However, Oktoberfest is much more than just a beerfest, as it has developed into a gigantic celebration of fellowship. The fairgrounds in Munich are covered with giant tents, each filled with beer girls delivering frothing brews to the soundtrack of loud brass bands. Food is in abundance, and so is fun – with amusement rides and activities at every turn.

Many cities around the world hold Oktoberfest celebrations modeled after the Munich event, to create an opportunity for friends and strangers alike to gather and have a great time. Every year, Brewer Offord & Pedersen LLP and the Law Office of Jeffrey C. Miller hold an Oktoberfest in Palo Alto, to celebrate the year with clients, colleagues, and friends. Over 100 people come out every year to enjoy Oktoberfest, and this year certainly didn’t disappoint!

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