We are excited to announce that, effective August 3rd, 2018, the Law Offices of Peter N. Brewer will be transitioning into a new partnership, with the new name of Brewer Offord & Pedersen LLP. More details about the change can be found below.

new logo Brewer Offord & Pedersen LLP

Except for a new name, logo, and small changes in roles and titles, the switch has zero impact on current clients or on how the firm operates. The new partnership has been formed between Peter and senior attorneys that have been with the firm for years, so there are no merger or hostile takeover concerns. Quite the opposite actually — these attorneys are enthusiastic about the success and future of the firm, and have taken the forward-thinking initiative to form this partnership as part of Peter Brewer’s succession plan, as he approaches retirement.

The Partners

Peter's Vision & The Firm's History

Peter Brewer founded the firm as a solo practice in 1995, after working at a large law firm in San Jose. When he set out on his own, he wanted to change the dynamic between law firms and clients. He challenged the way law firms operated: why shouldn’t clients enjoy working with lawyers? Why does the legal industry have to be behind when it comes to technology? From the very first day of operation, Peter made it a priority to provide outstanding legal services while delivering an exceptional client experience. In the 20 years since, the firm has grown to 6 attorneys and 4 staff, and is now on the verge of opening a second office location. But through all the changes, the original mission and commitment to clients has remained at the core of the firm.

Despite the fact technology has changed at such a rapid pace, the firm has managed to stay on the cutting edge for over two decades. Today, the firm has sophisticated video conferencing technology, advanced process automation for creating efficiencies, virtual and remote workstations secured with the highest level of encryption — oh, and a robot in the office!

Nearly 40 Years of Practicing Law

Peter has been a licensed attorney since 1979. Despite the incredible amount of work it takes to start, grow, and manage a successful law practice, Peter has still made time to pursue his passions. Through the years, he has owned a private airplane and flown around the country. He has traveled the world, exploring everything from the lakes of Italy to the countryside of the Czech Republic to the vibrant culture of Rio de Janeiro to (most recently) the remote glaciers of Alaska. And most importantly, Peter just celebrated his 33rd wedding anniversary with his amazing wife Laura.

Still, nearly 40 years of practicing law takes a toll — especially after a very scary motorcycle accident in 2016, where a truck hit Peter while he was riding his Ducati. Peter, a lifelong motorcycle enthusiast, spent a week in the intensive care unit at Stanford Medical Center, with a recovery time spanning over 6 months. Two years later, he now jokes that he has “salvage value”, because of the titanium rods in his left elbow and arm.

So Peter has started laying the foundation for retirement, and this partnership represents just the next step closer to that goal. Succession and sustainability should be a priority for any business, and Peter has a team of loyal, dedicated, and grateful employees at the ready to ensure that this transition is as seamless and painless as possible!



Frequently Asked Questions

Will Peter Still Be Active With the Firm?

Yes! While Peter is moving into retirement, he will still be actively involved with the firm, just on a more limited basis. A virtual phone has been installed in his home office, so he can receive phone calls and retrieve voicemails. His workstation at home is equipped to instantaneously and securely access the firm's systems, so he can still take part in existing matters. He will also maintain his same office in our office building (which he still owns).

Peter will meet with new and existing clients as needed, and will still represent the firm at events and speaking engagements. For example, Peter will be speaking at the upcoming California Lawyers Association Annual Meeting in San Diego on September 14th — 15th. He will also continue to be active in lawyer and industry organizations, such as the International Network of Boutique Law Firms and the Silicon Valley Association of REALTORS® (SILVAR).

After nearly 40 years of practicing law, you can't expect him to drop it all cold turkey, can ya?! (He secretly likes it)

Will Peter Still Serve as a Mediator, Arbitrator, Partition Referee?

Yes! Peter really enjoys serving as a mediator, applying his training from the American Arbitration Association. He is passionate about helping people resolve issues through amicable means. He is also available to serve as a referee in partition actions, as he has had several successful experiences in that role recently. Peter remains as a designated mediator for the California Association of REALTORS® Real Estate Mediation Center for Consumers. Peter will also still receive appointments as a neutral for early settlement conferences and as a fee arbitrator through Santa Clara County Superior Court.

What Exactly Has Changed?

Besides a shiny new logo and name, the firm's business structure has changed, from a sole proprietorship to a limited liability partnership. The change has no impact on clients or existing matters, except in name. Current clients may receive a notice in the mail of the change, explaining that all of their current arrangements (retainer billing agreements, legal representation) have transferred to the new entity. Existing matters, such as deadlines, depositions, active transactions, or upcoming litigation will not be affected at all. You'll hear a new greeting on our phone system, and see our new logo on all our web properties. For outstanding matters in court, we will prepare and file (at no charge to the client) notice with the court and with opposing counsel, so the transition is seamless.

Please make checks out to Brewer Offord & Pedersen LLP

What About Current Trust Funds?

Trust funds will be transferred to an IOLTA bank account created under the Brewer Offord & Pedersen LLP.

Are Any Other Changes Anticipated?

Peter has instilled passion and dedication in all of his employees, and so the firm will continue the exact same mission of delivering an exceptional client experience while providing outstanding legal services. Peter's last name still forms the foundation of our firm's name and brand, so our firm will continue representing itself as such. The new entity will allow our firm to grow, so we plan on adding additional qualified attorneys to our team in the next year or so. Additionally, we plan on opening a Sacramento office, to better serve our Northern California clients. Peter will be part of the process, and we are 150% committed to providing the same excellent client experience for which our firm is renowned.

Who Are The New Partners?

Our firm's new partnership is between attorneys that have been with the firm for years. To ensure that the quality of our firm is sustained, it was important for everyone that the succession plan for Peter be driven entirely through internal channels. The new partnership is not a hostile takeover or merger; quite the opposite actually! It is the result of months of strategic planning by motivated, talented, and trustworthy attorneys of the firm, to ensure the viability of the firm going forward. The resulting partnership is made up of four partners: Peter Brewer, Simon Offord, Adam L. Pedersen, and Ashlee D. Gonzales.

What If We Have Questions or Concerns?

For any further questions or concerns (if any), feel free to reach out to our firm at info@brewerfirm.com or give us a call at (650) 327-2900. We'd be happy to provide answers for you, and we are committed to making this transition as seamless as possible!