Save the Deal Webinar

Real estate transactions in California often move at a rapid pace. New listings hardly spend any time on the MLS before offers come rolling in and the seller accepts a winning bid. The volume and pace of real estate in California makes for a very competitive market. However, completing real estate transactions involves many steps — from inspections, to disclosures, to contingencies, to close of escrow procedures. In a market that moves extremely fast, unexpected issues can arise that threaten the completion of the deal. These kinds of complications can kill a transaction — or worse, result in the loss of deposit funds and other purchase opportunities. 

On Wednesday, December 19th at 10am, real estate attorneys Adam L. Pedersen and Ashlee D. Gonzales presented a free webinar about how the legal mechanisms that can be used to handle unexpected issues, potentially saving the deal. Whether you a real estate professional, investor, homeowner, escrow officer, or potential buyer, you can learn how to manage potential risks and can better understand the transaction process. The presenters, who have been involved in hundreds of real estate deals, discuss several topics related to pitfalls in real estate transactions, such as:

  • Understanding the basics of contract law and its application to real estate transactions
  • Applying the “Mirror-Image Rule” in the acceptance of contracts
  • Using counter-offers, addenda, and amendments correctly and effectively
  • Drafting & executing contingencies and notices to perform
  • Avoiding the misnomer of “In Contract” vs. “Out of Contract”
  • Addressing closing and financing issues, such as loan complications and title disputes
  • Handling transactions upended by natural disasters

You can watch the replay of the webinar below, as well as view or download the slides.

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