We can help you with such things as:

Real Estate Disputes

Whether acquiring or disposing of a piece or property, negotiating a lease or easement, drafting escrow instructions, addressing use restrictions, or structuring a complex financing arrangement, firm attorneys bring considerable experience to your matter.

The attorneys at the “Brewer Offord & Pedersen LLP” have particular expertise in complex disciplines, such as Land Use/CEQA, Environmental, Construction, Tax and other related areas.

Construction Disputes

Brewer Offord & Pedersen LLP has experience representing both public and private clients, the group offers advice, negotiating, document drafting, and dispute resolution and litigation on matters related to all phases of construction. The firm also represents many contractors, subcontractors, unions, homebuilders and developers in their business operation needs.

Lender Disputes

The attorneys of the “Brewer Offord & Pedersen LLP” have substantial experience in representing both lenders and borrowers in real estate finance transactions. They have prepared loan documentation, loan modification documents, and assisted clients with every aspect of real estate purchase transactions.

The attorneys of the “Brewer Offord & Pedersen LLP” have decades of experience assisting both individuals and businesses with banking and lending law issues. Relying on their years of experience in large law firms, the lawyers provide clients with creative legal solutions tailored to meet their specific needs and goals.

Mortgage Disputes

At the “Brewer Offord & Pedersen LLP” we recognize your concerns and have options to help you avoid mortgage foreclosure. Our attorneys have a strong background in the banking industry, giving them an intricate understanding of how foreclosure and avoidance alternatives work.

Mortgage Workouts ▪ Foreclosure Avoidance ▪ General Advice

We can help you discover options to keep your home. We are experienced in negotiating mortgage workouts for our clients. In our consultation, we can discuss your specific situation and whether there are other foreclosure avoidance mechanisms available to you.

We can also work with you if you want to sell, but are hesitant to list in today's market. We offer advice on how to make it through the rough spots and wait for an improving economy.


Brewer Offord & Pedersen LLP’s bankruptcy practice includes representation of creditors, creditors' committees, and trustees in aspects in insolvency and bankruptcy laws and procedures. The firm's attorneys are experienced with complex transactions and contentious litigation.

Homeowner Association Disputes

Brewer Offord & Pedersen LLP represent individual homeowners and HOA in CC&R’s disputes.

  • Lack of uniformity in the enforcement of rules: All homeowners are equal, but as in George Orwell's "Animal Farm," some may be more equal than others in the eyes of the homeowners' association.
  • Conversions of apartments into condominiums: I usually represent tenants who are opposed to the conversion.
  • Unfair assessments: Homeowners associations may issue large assessments to replace siding, roofing or do other repairs. Sometimes these assessments can be large enough to wipe out homeowners.
  • Personal injury: The homeowners' association has a duty of due care for maintenance of common areas. If you are injured due to a dangerous property condition, you can sue the HOA just as you would an owner of real property.
  • Excessive use of property: Parking a big rig on a residential street and having 30 people live in a home are examples of overuse.

Business Disputes

The attorneys at the “Brewer Offord & Pedersen LLP” are prepared to help you whether you are starting a new small business or positioning your enterprise for an IPO.

Business clients have the same needs to protect their assets, structure their businesses and relationships with other entities, manage their personnel issues, and maintain a viable enterprise.

We can also help you with such things as:

  • Drafting or reviewing documentation in real estate purchases and loans
  • Leases, subleases, lease assignments or termination agreements
  • General contract drafting and review
  • Construction agreements
  • Option agreements
  • Negotiating transactions
  • Guarantee agreements
  • Disclosures
  • Obtaining Relief From Stay
  • Negotiating Adequate Protection Orders

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